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Online Escape Rooms

Now available so you can THINK your way out from anywhere!

Our live games have been fully digitized so that everyone anywhere can enjoy them! With the digitized version you can now play it from your computer, phone or tablet instead of going in person.

How do they work?

Simple! Just like a traditional escape room, you have one mission! Escape before the time runs out. The rooms have a full 360 degree angle so that you can have the full experience and feel as though you were in the live room.

Each player can be on their own individual device and gets to experience the room independently, while also getting to see the other player's movements.

At THINK we believe in options so you can play with a Game Master or completely on your own. When you go to book you can choose a game with a Host or without a Host.


Games Available NOW

With a Host

You will schedule a set time for the game and get a ZOOM meeting link for a Game Master to join you in your adventure as well as any other players, so you can communicate at all times.


This is great for Virtual Corporate Team Building events as well as to enjoy some time with your family or friends that are too far away.

You will still be playing the game, inputting codes, and figuring things out on your own. However, the Game Master will be there to support you when you need help, and let's face it, emotional support.

Without a Host

You can play the game at any time! Seriously, night owls now have something to do at 2am while we all sleep. One reservation is good for up to 6 devices.

If you need a hint you will find a        

that you can click into in order to get clues to help solve each puzzle. Just know that it may be harder to navigate through as you won't have someone to walk you through it.

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Games Coming Soon

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